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UTOPIA Membranes Pvt. Ltd. designed & developed POOL GUARD system. The innovative Nano-technology based electrolytic disinfection process used by POOL GUARD ensures the complete elimination of all bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi. Not only does POOL GUARD provide 100% protection , it is totally chemical-free POOL GUARD uses only electricity and common salt to produce a powerful pH controlled disinfecting solution, The result is zero damage to the environment, making POOL GUARD the only truly eco-friendly disinfectant available today.

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Perfectly transparent and clean water. No transmission of contagious infections.
No more irritation to skin or eyes. No corrosion.
Superior swimming expedience.  

Special Features

Utopia Pool Guard


Electro -Chlorinator

Active Ingrediant Hypochlorus acid, Hydroxy radicals, Oxygen based Disinfectant, Hypochloride.   Hypochloride
Disinfection Performance Very powerful & effective because of active ingredients   Same like Chemical Disinfection
Reactor Type Nano-technology based advanced Oxidation Processes   Conductive Electrodes like.. Pt, Titanium etc.
Chiller Requirement No Chiller required for Cooling   Chiller required for Cooling
Electrode Life Long Life Nano Technology based Material   Electrode dissolve in water over the period of operation Very Less Life
System Complexity Very simple, Easy to Operate   Complicated number of parts are required like chiller, Distributor etc.
Automation & Safety Fully automatic with GSM. System gives SMS of faults and system Operation   Manual Intervention is required
Brine Assembly Long life, Highly effective & built in signal system. Integrated assembly   All Discrete parts make the system operation very complicated
Disinfection Cost Per M3 Disinfection cost is very less compared to all technologies   High Disinfection Cost
Reactor byproduct No Byproduct, Truly effective Disinfectant Generation only   Because of high temp. operation( Surface of electrode) Sodium Chlorate and other by products are generated.

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