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Now ELECTROXX brings imagination of complete disinfection in reality with its innovative Nano-Technology based on- Onsite Disinfectant generation
* High Speed and Effective Disinfectant
* Safe and Eco-friendly Operation
* Fully Automatic

ELECTROXX is based on Advanced Patented Nano - Technology. ELECTROXX uses only Electricity and Common salt to produce powerful Disinfectant. Common salt solution made in water when feed through the Reactor, it will generate various Disinfectant like Hypochlorous acid and Oxygen based disinfectant etc. with oxidation potential up to 1.64 V


The innovative Nano - technology based electrolytic disinfection process used by ELECTROXX ensures the complete elimination of all bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi. Not only does ELECTROXX provide 100% protection , it is totally chemical-free ELECTROXX uses only electricity and common salt to produce a powerful disinfecting solution. The result in Zero damage to the environment, making ELECTROXX the only truly eco-friendly disinfectant available today. ELECTROXX can also oxidize metal impurity present in water like iron (Fe), Aluminum (Al) etc. which will settle in storage tank

 Features  Conventional Electro Chlorinate  Utopia ELECTROXX
Active Ingredients in generating disinfectant Hydrochloride based low oxidation potential (0.64V) Hypochlorous acid, Hydroxyl radical, oxygen based disinfection with oxidation potential of 1.64V
Cancerous disinfection by product Cancerous by products are generated due to dissolution of electrode and operating condition. No cancerous by product generation Very safe and effective disinfection. No dissolution of electrode.
Electrode type Electrode gets dissolved in water after a period of operation . Material like Pt, Ti etc. are used as electrode Long operating life, Nano-technology based electrode material, works on advanced oxidation process
Disinfectant residual & dose requirement Higher concentration of dose is required with low residual effect Lower dose will make the same performance with higher residual effect.
Taste and odor Taste and odor is due to higher dose of chlorine No odor and taste because of disinfection removes taste and odor due to H2S and algae
Effect of water pH Disinfection works in particular pH range Effective disinfection in wide pH range
System automation Depended on manual operations Fully automatic operation with GSM modem connectivity
Self cleaning reactor cell No effective self cleaning mechanism & required frequent chemical cleaning Effective self cleaning , Reduces chemical requirement.
Legionella count reduction Very difficult Reduces legionella count as tested in laboratory operation.
Metal impurity removal Not possible If used in pretreatment can remove metal ions like Fe, AI etc.

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